Love All Parts

One thing I notice about working with individuals and groups over many years is that it is very challenging for most of us to truly welcome all parts of our experience of life.  Typically we hold parts of ourselves or our experiences at bay- hold them out of the light of care and loving presence.  This exclusion can happen so automatically. Habits of shame or judgment that diminish  our experience are often undetectable.  The result is a fragmentation of ourselves that undermines our well-being and ability to rest in our lives, experience our fullness and positive power,  and find peace.  Contemplative practices which cultivate our awareness are very helpful for addressing this. The very simple act of welcoming and allowing all parts of ourselves in with tenderness and openness, moment to moment, will bring us much greater freedom and relief.   The daily practice of bringing love to all parts of ourselves ultimately resolves in deeper presence and a more loving and healthful life.   It is simple..."I BRING LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE TO ALL PARTS OF MYSELF" or "I INCLUDE ALL OF MYSELF WITH LOVE AND COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE" - say it, as many times as you are able in a day :).