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Hi. I'm Molly

  • facilitation, teaching &  coaching

  • consulting

  • social & environmental artist

  • contemplative leadership training

  • participatory creative activations

  • community engagement & community building 

  • program development & direction

Upcoming Engagements & Recent News


Wesleyan University, Residency, The Power of Music: Notes from Frontlines, Master classes and musical activations (Feb. 2019)

Wesleyan University, Composer/Performer, Jon Barlow Remembered Concert (Feb. 2019)

Consultant, Elmfield Institute (Ireland & US)

Facilitation Lead, Littleglobe Board, Staff and Community Retreat

Facilitation Team, Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club

Drawing From The Well, Co-Founder (with Jamie Figueroa) - day-long restorative workshop for social change and public service professionals

Consultant for sangha and program development Prajna Yoga, Santa Fe

Creative Director for Colorado Lullaby Project University of Colorado Crest Lab in collaboration with Carnegie Hall

Creative consultant with Healthy Body, Mind and Voice body positive project with Crest Lab at University of Colorado

Firerock launch, January 2018.

Guest editor for the recent edition of Green Fire Times on Creativity in the Age of Climate Change.  Click here to read -   Restoring Relationship and FIREROCK: Pass The Spark

Intuitive Literacy & Mindfullness for Teens, on-going private and group session

Things I really love right now….

the aspen trees of the Sangre de Christo mountains, sitting quietly with my dogs, learning about neuroscience, feeling snowflakes melt on my skin, making my morning cup of coffee, witnessing and supporting my daughter’s becoming, writing about intuitive literacy, stillness, the new crossfit warm-up workouts, being with my beloveds, encountering true honesty and courage in myself and others, having time with no plans whatsoever, unapologetic powerful women and girls, white people who seriously take on racism and privilege, camping in the wilderness, and writing tiny little stories and songs for my own pleasure….oh… and chocolate (of course)..