we are the ones we have been waiting for

June Jordan (poet)

I appreciate this because I find that most of us are searching for something outside of ourselves to relieve our experiences of discontent and suffering. In my experience we each have ALL of what we most need and want right inside of us. In this time of profound assaults to ecological health, which includes human health, I can think of nothing more important than each one of us realizing and resting in the fullness of our spiritual essence AS our unique and creative selves - and the courage and generosity to share ourselves in collaboration with one another from that place.

In Love & Service - Molly

  • social & ecological artistic director

  • composer/performer

  • meditation teacher

  • community engagement & community building 

  • depth facilitation, consulting & teaching

Upcoming Engagements & Recent News


Premiere, Waking The Oracle, Corcoran School of Art and Design/GWU, October 31, November 1-3, 2019. Get tickets HERE

William Wilson Corcoran Visiting Professor in Community Engaged Practices, Corcoran School of Art and Design/George Washington University, 2019-2020

Teacher, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training in Mindfulness and Neuroscience, Elmfield Institute, Ireland, June 2019

Wellness & Creative Health Staff Development Consultant/Depth Facilitator, University of Colorado, Renee Crown Wellness Institute, Boulder, 2018-current

Lead Consulting Team, Deer Hill Expeditions (Colorado), Strategic Planning Co-Lead, Depth Facilitation, Legacy Video Direction, Elmfield Institute US, 2019-2021

Visiting Composer Residency, Wesleyan University- master classes, performances, community engagements, and musical activations, Feb. 2019

Composer/Performer, Jon Barlow Remembered Concert, Wesleyan University, Feb. 2019

Consultant, Teacher and Depth Facilitator, Elmfield Institute, Ireland & US, 2019

Facilitation, Beyond Coal Campaign Annual Gathering and Strategic Planning, Sierra Club

Drawing From The Well, Co-Founder with Jamie Figueroa - restorative workshop for social changemakers & public service professionals

Consultant, Sangha Development, Prajna Yoga, Santa Fe

Lead Composer/Creative Director, Colorado Lullaby Project, University of Colorado Renee Crown Wellness Institute in collaboration with Carnegie Hall

Creative Consultant & Depth Facilitator, Healthy Body, Mind and Voice - a body positive project with Renee Crown Wellness Institute, University of Colorado

Firerock Concert Launch, January 2018., Founder/Composer/Artistic Director

Guest Editor, Green Fire Times on Creativity in the Age of Climate Change, author of Restoring Relationship and FIREROCK: Pass The Spark

Things I really love right now….

my daily DC bike commute and the fabulous-ness of disk brakes, my students at the The Corcoran and George Washington University (they are each a miraculous universe), making a new mythical musical meditation for the planet called Waking The Oracle, lots of quite time, studying ASL (LOVE), Amma bhajans, enjoying my morning cup of coffee , stillness, my early morning workouts at Petworth Fitness(such a great gym), the finches who visit me regularly, encountering true honesty and courage in myself and others, big belly laughs, having time with no plans whatsoever, unapologetic powerful women and girls, white people who seriously take on racism and privilege, camping in the wilderness, dips in freezing cold water, studying for my pilot’s license,….oh… and chocolate (of course)..