Molly is an exceptionally creative, caring, perceptive, and energizing facilitator. She knows how to balance playful levity with deep focus and respect for the collective wisdom of the group. I’ve experienced sessions with Molly where, even within the first few minutes, there is a kind of relaxing and disarming that allows the group to fall into something deeper and connected with the possibilities between and amongst us all. Molly is gifted with the capacity to connect deeply with all kinds of people, bringing that rare quality of presence, vulnerability, and care that allows each individual to feel seen and heard, and that draws the group into the beating heart of what matters most. Adam Horowitz -Founder US Dept of Arts and Culture

Molly is a masterful facilitator and coach.  Her long standing work as a depth facilitator in a wide range of global and community settings  allows her to listen deeply to the rhythms and melodies of individuals and groups. She can hear and support the music that wants and needs  to come forward.  In working with her, I experienced a calm sense of clarity about where and how I need to move — based on information she shared through guidance, practices, and the essential nature of her loving and caring presence.  Toby Herzlich- Founder of Biomimicry for Social Innovation

Molly brings a wealth of deep grace and precision to her guidance as a facilitator. Through her well-tuned practice as a cultural activator she creates a sense of spacious structure and beauty which allows participants an accessible invitation to explore new places within themselves, their organizations and the greater community. Molly listens deeply to each client and context and  adeptly uses tested facilitation techniques, creative modalities, openness and grace to evoke a shared common ground from which to learn and change. She is a sincere listener, with an empathy that permeates all who encounter her deep facilitation skills.  Chrissie Orr, Founder of El Otro Lado and Seed Broadcast

Molly's coaching and therapeutic intuitive guidance work is exceptional and like none other. The combination of presence, prayer, and abundant love creates a vibration where my entire system calms, opens, and shifts through her gentle, spacious guidance. Her integrity of holding the highest vibration possible while bringing attention to areas of old, resistant patterning, blockages, and stagnation is exquisite. Her ability to sense into my system is clear and profound. She and her work are invaluable to me on my journey towards wholeness. I will be forever grateful for her and to her.  Jamie Figueroa

Working with Molly is like a coming home. The minute I walked into her studio, I began to cry, perhaps because my whole being sensed immediately that I would be safe with her. She works gently, with a soft, steady rootedness, incorporating multiple modalities to access clear teachings and transmissions for my higher good.  Molly’s work is active, and she requires you to jump in and engage it too. It’s not the typical practitioner to client trajectory. No: this is a whole different full-spirit experience, requiring you to do the work with Molly, and be ready and wide-awake to engage all of your senses for re-patterning and growth. But it’s good growth (though sometimes hard) work, and totally worth it if you have the opportunity to take this journey with Molly. (And I can’t recommend a better guide than Molly to take you safely and steadily through the hard places of old emotions and experiences). Adelma Hnasko

For years I’ve felt trapped in familiar patterns, and in working with Molly, I feel they are starting to change. I feel an opening in my daily life, as if the sunshine and fresh air are inviting a buried part of myself to resurface and find purchase. I’ve carried these reactive patterns with a certain amount of shame. But I find myself feeling safe enough with Molly to share things I’ve told few people. She elicits this trust naturally. In her care, I feel hopeful that I can actually transform. Molly’s practice is both informative — there is specific information to hear streaming in — while the subtle energetic work untangles the origins of the disharmony. Molly’s work feels based in love, insight and listening. Her work is fearless and trusting. Pamela Flax

Working with Molly helped me clarify the energy dynamics at play in a situation I've been having trouble resolving. She helped me work with story in innovative ways to illuminate a deeply etched dilemma within me underlying the present quandary. She skillfully  cultivated acceptance and resolution in ways I could access, so that I could move beyond this dilemma. She assisted me to take an eagle eye view of my situation, which in turn helped me cultivate greater self-compassion and embrace change.  Veena Vasista