Molly is a masterful coach, healer, intuitive. Her longstanding work as a depth facilitator allows her to listen deeply to the rhythms and melodies of a person’s inner world, to hear and support the music that wants to come forward. In working with her, I experienced a calm sense of clarity about where and how I need to move — based on information she shared through intuitive reading, guidance about practices, her hands-on support in moving energy, and the essential nature of her loving and caring presence.
— Toby Herzlich

Molly works  with individuals in intuitive guidance, energy work and personal coaching through her business Clear Sky Guidance.  website upcoming

To  schedule a session email or call/text 505-660-9473.  

Sessions may be done in-person or by phone/skype/google hangout or zoom. 


Each one of us has, present within us at all times, an infinite source of power and healing capacity. There are many experiences in life that disconnect us from this source and result in feelings of depletion and discouragement.  This work’s purpose is to help you access and embody source power so that you feel in true alignment with spirit & the experience of your whole self.  The expression of this is a life that is integrated, supported, and nurtured in clear and grounded ways.  

The work is pro-active. This means that the focus is a practical alignment between spirit, mind/heart, and body.  The work seeks to increase deep health, joy, meaningful purpose, and the experience of grace, vitality and ease in your life.  This is spirit led, prayerful, and intuitive work that is concerned with having clear movement forward in your life.  It is fundamentally transmission based, and as a result, is unique to each individual and group. Often the work will direct us to focus healing upon the underlying energetics affecting conditions, patterns, and manifestations in one’s life so that the feeling of possibility, vitality, and thriving is both enlivening and motivating.

I came to this work after two near-death experiences,  my own profound personal journey through physical pain and critical health experiences, and the radical changes in my perception that resulted. My own journey towards alignment between spirit, mind and body has been step by step and gained experientially through life.   As a result of these experiences I had an increase in what I consider to be intuitive capacity and could no longer channel it into my artistic life as I had done previously.  It is my experience that through truly resting in our source power we have access this infinite resource that is our nature and conversely  when we work against this within ourselves it can, and often does, cause a great deal of suffering.  

Molly’s therapeutic intuitive energy work is exceptional and like none other. The combination of presence, prayer, and abundant love creates a vibration where my entire system calms, opens, and shifts through her gentle, spacious guidance. Her integrity of holding the highest vibration possible while bringing attention to areas of old, resistant patterning, blockages, and stagnation is exquisite. Her ability to sense into my system is clear and profound. She and her work are invaluable to me on my journey towards wholeness. I will be forever grateful for her and to her.”
— Jamie Figueroa

Sessions are unique to each person. We may work on a table, fully clothed, or in a chair, or remotely.  The work may be in silence or accompanied by talking. The sessions are active where energetic work is being done throughout. In some cases, sound practices may also be called for utilized.  Affirmations, practices for daily life, and other suggestions may be given.  Sessions may be done based upon general work, or, we can focus on projects, relationships, health issues, transitions, or any number of other more specific areas of focus.  Remote sessions may be done by phone or skype as well.  30 minute sessions can be done in-person or remotely.  Most in-person sessions are 75 minutes long.

Personalized Rituals

There may be times that it makes sense to do a multi-hour session that is focused on a specific area of work. This may be around issues related to health issues, difficult transitions, or losses, and even new ventures.  These are highly specific to each individual and group and will likely involve guided preparation work/activities, a 2-hour ceremony ( for lack of a better word), and guided post-ceremony work/activities.  

Focused Intuitive Guidance Consultations

I offer focused intuitive guidance consultations for individuals.  These sessions may be described as "downloads" or "transmissions."  For me it simply feels like prayer.   We can schedule 60 or 90 minute sessions. While these may be useful stand-alone consultations that may clarify, stimulate and activate,  I find that very often consistent momentum with practices and commitment is essential for truly making changes in life.  Consultations can be done on specific topics, events, or issues that  feel relevant. 

Molly brings to this work many years of working with individuals and groups in creative, contemplative and somatic practices.   Aside from years working  as a professional artistic director and professor focusing on creativity and healing, Molly  has trained in expressive arts therapies, somatic modalities and is a devoted student of healing arts practitioner,  Paula Kim.  To learn more about Molly go here- 


“For years I’ve felt trapped in familiar patterns, and in working with Molly, I feel they are starting to change. I feel an opening in my daily life, as if the sunshine and fresh air are inviting a buried part of myself to resurface and find purchase. I’ve carried these reactive patterns with a certain amount of shame. But I find myself feeling safe enough with Molly to share things I’ve told few people. She elicits this trust naturally. In her care, I feel hopeful that I can actually transform. Molly’s practice is both informative — there is specific information to hear streaming in — while the subtle energetic work untangles the origins of the disharmony. Molly’s work feels based in love, insight and listening. Her work is fearless and trusting. I feel ‘seen’ in these sessions, and that is deeply healing. “

"Working with Molly helped me clarify the energy dynamics at play in a situation I've been having trouble resolving. She worked with story (which could be associated with past life experiences or could be thought of as instructive metaphor) to illuminate a deeply etched dilemma within me, likely underlying the present quandary. She prayed - and I prayed with her - to invite in acceptance and resolution, so that I might move beyond this dilemma. She assisted me to take an eagle eye view of my situation, which in turn helped me cultivate greater self-compassion.”

“Working with Molly is like a coming home. The minute I walked into her studio, I began to cry, perhaps because my whole being sensed immediately that I would be safe with her. She works gently, with a soft, steady rootedness, incorporating multiple modalities to access clear teachings and transmissions for my higher good.  Molly’s work is active, and she requires you to jump in and engage it too. It’s not the typical practitioner to client trajectory. No: this is a whole different full-spirit experience, requiring you to do the work with Molly, and be ready and wide-awake to engage all of your senses for re-patterning and growth. But it’s good growth (though sometimes hard) work, and totally worth it if you have the opportunity to take this journey with Molly. (And I can’t recommend a better guide than Molly to take you safely and steadily through the hard places of old emotions and experiences).