Molly has performed for over twenty years and has created and led several music ensembles including BING and mJane (Pax Recordings).  She is an artistic director, social practice artist, recording artist,  and recipient of a wide range of awards including United States Artist award in music.   Molly creates projects, composes, and leads pop-up musical storytelling events.  Performances are often done with participatory workshops and/or innovative participatory performance elements.

Recent Projects

Firerock: Pass The Spark Music for th

Concert Performance, January 2018 at The Adobe Rose Theater.

The Story of The Little Hummingbird

Currently in development.  Based upon the Polynesian story about the smallest animal in the forest who with great courage inspired all the other animals to help put out a great forest fire.  This is a pop-up musical story and community participation project to help foster inspired community-making climate engagement. 

When The Sun Sets The Stars Come Out

Currently in development.  Based upon many years of experience of writing music with people during their dying transition, this piece is a musical storytelling and workshop process aimed at bringing dignity and awareness to the process of dying.