JOURNEY SONGS consists of original musical/creative works that honor and celebrate each individual.  JOURNEY SONGS are created using a collaborative process that has been developed by Molly Sturges over the span of 20 years.  This process allows the participants, family members, friends and community members to be part of a unique and lasting celebration of someone’s life.  JOURNEY SONGS are completely personalized and incorporate stories, expressions, favorite kinds of music and more into the weaving of each unique piece.


Molly and JOURNEY SONGS facilitators work with each participant uniquely.  Based upon a virtual or in-person process there will be a series of sessions to gather information, exchange stories,  and create a unique Journey Song that represents and dignifies each person.  The pieces are then recorded and lyric sheets and optional lead sheets are created.  

JOURNEY SONGS may be developed virtually via skype or zoom or may be conducted in-person.

Hourly Rate: $150
Pro-Bono is available on a case by case basis

Project elements typically include:

  • 2-3 Interviews with Participant and/or Family Members

  • Email Correspondence and Phone Calls

  • Creation of Personalized Journey Song Process Based Upon Situation

  • Music Composition

  • Creation of Lyrics

  • Basic Recording of Original Musical Piece Recorded Live or With Midi tracks

  • Delivery of song, lead sheet and lyric sheet


    When a project takes place in the New Mexico area hourly rates will likely apply. When travel is required a project fee will be negotiated which includes travel time, initial communications and research calls, in-person sessions and delivery of songs, lead sheet and lyrics.


    Fees depend upon the scale and scope of each option

  • Tutorial from Molly for performing music if performing live

  • JOURNEY SONGS life review creative process mentorship for family members to gather stories and make creative expression of a participant’s life beyond a song

  • High quality recording and production of musical piece

  • Visual arts documentation which may include photos, poems and stories

  • JOURNEY SONGS facilitators are able to perform songs live or record via video for presentation and documentation.


    Unless already in a location for other projects, covering travel costs is requested. Travel time on a regular work day is 1/2 of the agreed upon consulting rate or is negotiated on a case by case basis. Reimbursements follow federal standard amounts for gas or other aspects of travel.


    A $500 deposit is requested upon beginning of the project. Additional fees will be invoiced upon completion of the project. Payments are submitted to

    Molly Sturges
    1725 Callejon Emilia Santa Fe, NM. 87501


    Molly is the founding artistic director of several large-scale arts and social healing projects, including Littleglobe and Lifesongs. As a composer/performer/facilitator/artistic director she has created performance and engagement projects with communities around the globe for over 20 years. Molly is a United States Artist Fellow in music and a recipient of many music commissions and residencies. She was the founding artistic director of Lifesongs, an arts and creative aging project as well as The Creative Action Team and The Institute for Living Story at The Academy for the Love of Learning.  Currently Molly leads an arts and climate change project ( and is a facilitator, guide and creativity consultant. She has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups supporting them to realize their own unique, voice, power and expressions in the world.  She has designed and led projects with universities, cities, the Dalai Lama and more. Molly maintains a small private practice in Santa Fe, NM and works with people around the country.