Waking The Oracle

a mythical musical meditation for our planet

Waking the Oracle (WTO) is a new creative activation at the intersection of  participatory art/music, ecology, community building, and spirituality. Developed in residence at Corcoran School of Art and Design/George Washington University by Willian Corcoran Visiting Professor, Molly Jane Udaya Sturges and students, Waking The Oracle is a 60 minutes immersive, mythical musical meditation addressing climate change in a unique way incorporating story, movement, and digital design. Waking The Oracle is a love song to the planet and debuts October 31, November 1-3 at George Washington University. Information is below.

Oracle can be staged anywhere and incorporates the creation of new myth responding to critical social issues in each community.  The foundational music includes field biology recordings upon a bed of recorded and live unbroken music. Oracle has three parts: 1) Music and video template incorporating field biology recordings; 2) Live music/songs composed with participants in workshops or classes; and 3) live improvisational elements performed by Molly Sturges and Oracle music director Rod Demmings responding uniquely to each environment and host site. The experience is immersive and audience members can move around as they like.   A family-friendly event Oracle is created uniquely in each place upon a template that encourages connection, reflection and inspiration. Oracle in DC dives into the mythical through animating the bust of George Washington and the hippo statue on the GWU campus. The piece gives George a second chance at having a body to learn to live in a balanced and respectful way with the planet.

Waking the Oracle is created from the many lessons and insights gained working over nine years on the music, community building, and climate change project, Firerock ( which was developed with hundreds of people in community workshops around the country.


what is sacred in ourselves, each other and on the planet

Sample from electronic music elements of Oracle below:


Developed with Littllegobe and The Santa Fe Opera, now at The Academy for the Love of Learning

Co-Founder/ Founding Artistic Director

Lifesongs is a life-affirming, intergenerational arts program that engages local communities to heal the fear that shrouds aging, illness, and death. Through deep relationship-building, storytelling, music, and performance, Lifesongs promotes dignity and inclusion for elders and those at the end of life.  Lifesongs brings together youth, elders, and community members to create musical events and new artistic works  that that build community, lift vision and voices, and cultivates a sense of joy and well-being in participants.

Active in the national conversation around creative aging, Lifesongs brings elders and people in hospice together with artists, youth, and other community members in creative exchange. Working one-on-one and in ensembles, participants develop original works that incorporate music, movement, and multimedia to explore the richness of all stages of life.

After many months of collaboration, the pieces are performed in a public concert by professional musicians, local choirs, and artists of all ages. Through witnessing our elders’ songs and stories, we connect around what we share as opposed to what separates us, we bless and heal the past, and we hold our elders and the dying in their potential rather than their decline.In addition to public performances and scalable concerts, Lifesongs provides free and public facilitated dialogues on death and dying with community partners. In 2015, Lifesongs launched the Story Gathering project. The Story Gathering project brings youth, community members, and elders together to share stories and life experiences. Participants collaboratively shape stories into new works of writing and art to present to the wider community. While deepening its roots in northern New Mexico, Lifesongs is carefully fostering and mentoring projects in other communities around the country.

Lifesongs is currently at The Academy for The Love of Learning and was founded by Littleglobe and The Santa Fe Opera. 



Founder/Founding Artistic Director/Co-Composer

Firerock is catalytic DIY family-friendly musical & community activation project designed to bring people together to address climate instability with heart and imagination. Visit website to hear songs, videos, learn about the story and more.  Firerock is directed by Acushla Bastible, Kristin Rothballer, Enrico De Trizio and Molly Sturges and is made by a collaborative team and process which includes national artists and community members from all over the country.



 Founder & Conductor

Participatory improvisational musical and creative events that incorporate community expressions, lift vision and weave diverse voices.  Homesongs cultivate a sense of joy, inspiration and meaningful participation with participants.  Homesongs have been done with large audiences, schools,  non-profit organizations, community audiences, choirs and more to provide live-sound and storytelling/poetic events addressing current issues and concerns. They are creative activations that cultivate participatory story-making and enlivening. 

Homesong commissions include: Santa Fe Opera, Center for Contemporary Art, The Lensic Performing Arts Center, The City of Evora (Portugal), Dance City(UK), European Union Festival of Culture and more.

Creative Director, Colorado Lullaby Project

Renee Crown Wellness Institute/CREST Lab at The University of Colorado

Creative Director for new project at The University of Colorado's Renee Crown Wellness Institute/CREST lab in collaboration with Carnegie Hall.

In-Development 2019-2020……

Bicycle Songs

Sort of like Christmas caroling…but from bikes..oh, and not at Christmas. Serenade songs written for pods of bicyclists sung from the street to humans, animals, and trees/plants. Upcoming late 2019. Developed with GWU and Corcoran School of Art and Design students.

Leaves Falling Gently

In collaboration with Susan Bauer-Wu. A musical storytelling project and composition project focusing on contemplative practice, creativity and end of life passages. Upcoming in early 2020.

The Story of the Little Hummingbird

A simple pop-up musical storytelling and community engagement project designed to catalyze family-friendly climate engagement. Based upon the Polynesian story about the smallest animal in the forest that did her best to help put out a forest fire.


A new composition for Shakuhachi, voice, harmonium and live recordings of Sandhill Cranes that migrate to New Mexico every year. A development of an earlier project commissioned by The Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe.